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4 Times Kyle Rittenhouse lied in his "Interview" with Tucker Carlson

4 lies Kyle Rittenhouse told during his "interview" with Tucker Carlson about his trial, the murders and race.
Kyle Rittnehouse Lying to Tucker Carlson during his "interview".

Kyle Rittenhouse did his first interview since being acquitted of all charges with Fox New's Tucker Carlson. As I watch I couldn't help but think wow this man is a psychopath. Psychopaths have the ability to be charming and manipulative yet show no remorse or empathy for others this sums up Rittenhouse's conversation with Tucker. No surprise, this was a friendly almost fawning "interview" with softball questions which required no real answers but allowed Rittenhouse to espouse his views unchallenged. Rittenhouse was given an opportunity to weave the narrative he desperately wants the public to believe the only problem is his lies were also on full display. Here are the 4 most egregious.


Kyle Rittenhouse repeatedly told Tucker Carlson that he offered to protect the Car Source building in Kenosha that evening and that the owners readily accepted his help. The only problem is, that is a lie at least according to the Khindri Brothers who own the car lot and both testified, under oath subject to the penalty of perjury, that they never asked Rittenhouse to do such a thing! They claim, this armed group simply showed up and indicated that they were going to protect businesses in Kenosha, not specifically Car Source. The brother's had removed all the cars from the lot so the building was empty and didn't need additional protection, according to the Khindri brothers. Prosecutors even showed a text message were an eager Kyle Rittenhouse volunteered to provide armed protection of the Car Source building but the owner never replied which makes his declaration that they accepted his offer, a lie.


Rittenhouse has the nerve to actually say that he supports the Black Lives Matter Movement though interestingly he never says the words, "Black Lives Matter" but instead refers to it as BLM. Yet, even his answer shows how much disdain he actually has for BLM by making it clear he supports the "BLM Movement." Conservative pundits have long used such language to not sound completely racist while still being able to denigrate everything that the Black Lives Matter movement stands for. They distinguish between the general idea that Black Lives Matter (the movement) and what they say is the Black Lives Matter organization, which they do not support. They allege, with scant evidence, that the organization is corrupt, promotes violence and practices reverse racism even though the movement and the organization are one in the same. These words were parroted by Rittenhouse during his interview. Furthermore his actions that day show his true colors, I mean how could he be in support of BLM when he went to a BLM protest, not to join them but to protect buildings from them? He antagonized them and as the video shows us, when he realized his presence was disturbing to them he continued doing exactly what he was doing. Later, we see video (though the jury did not) of Rittenhouse wishing he had his AR-15 on him so he could shoot some BLM protesters he assumes are looting a store, some support. All of this is when he isn't posing for pictures with members of the Proud Boys a group known for their racist and violent rhetoric. I am here to tell Kyle Rittenhouse that if you don't like Black people you cannot truly support BLM.


Rittenhouse wants you to believe that because his victims were White race played no role, whatsoever, in his decision to shoot and kill two people that day. This is a lie! First, this was a racially based protest over the shooting of Jacob Blake. That fact alone injects race into this conversation and his actions that day. This was a BLM protest over what most people that were present that day, other than Kyle and his crew, saw as a racially motivated, unjust shooting of a Black man at the hands of a White police officer. Knowing this, Rittenhouse chooses to go down to this already intense situation with an AR-15 and his brood of white buddies to "protect" the buildings from the protesters (it doesn't take much imagination to know from what type of people he wanted to protect those buildings from) which only inflames the situation. Then during the course of his time there he shoots three people, killing two. The fact that they were White does not make race any less of a factor because we know from John Brown to Viola Luzzio, when White people step up to help Black folks they are subject to the death penalty. Then there are the actions of the police and the jury after the killings which show a wide racial disparity between black teenagers and white teenagers. I find it impossible to believe a Black teenager could walk up to police officers with an AR-15, say they shoot three people and be allowed to go home. Isn't it also interesting how a jury can view White 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse, walking with an AR-15 as a victim but Black 17-year old Trayvon Martin, who only had a bag of skittles, was a dangerous threat?


We have all seen it by now, that video of Kyle Rittenhouse so stricken by emotion that he cries on the stand without a single tear falling from his eyes. He was so emotional he couldn't get through his testimony and the Judge has to take a break to let him collect himself. Then he comes back and shows not a single hint of the emotion he faked just minutes before; If you needed even more proof Rittenhouse's dry heaving (because it wasn't crying) was phony take a look at his Tucker interview. He walks through the events so nonchalantly, not a hint of any remorse or emotion whatsoever. He talks about killing two people like he's talking about a trip to the grocery store. Yet somehow, just a week or so before, simply thinking about recounting these events caused him to have a breakdown on the witness stand but now he's perfectly fine. He shows more reaction at the fact that he allegedly did not have running water in his jail cell than he does about the fact that he killed two people. Now, I'm not suggesting he should be remorseful in a self-defense case but I am saying a person who had such strong feelings a week ago discussing this incident and now gets through it with no inflection whatsoever is a liar who was bullshiting on the witness stand.

This Article is the opinion of its author Warren D. Robinson, click on this link to learn more about Warren. It does not represent the opinions of What America REALLY Thinks, any of our sponsors, staff or personnel.

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