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Best Dressed Celebs at the 2022 OSCARS!

Here is our list of the best dressed celebrities at the 2022 Oscars from the female perspective, Jessica Murphy, as well as the straight male view, Warren D. Robinson. Enjoy!

Vanessa Hudgins

Warren: Vanessa added a bit of youthfulness and skin to the red carpet. She looked amazing in this liquid black dress but the highlight is that gorgeous emerald and diamond necklace.

Jessica: Vanessa is such a beautiful lady! She has so much sex appeal! I do wish she hadn't played it so safe. Looked a little like prom season for me tonight but cute.

Chloe and Halle Bailey

Warren: I'm suppose to be judging the outfits but I really don't even know whet they're wearing because with all that Body-ody-ody showing I can't focus on their outfits. I approve of these looks!! (I do wonder how Chloe walks with such a high slit without flashing all the goodies-not that I would complain).

Jessica: OH MY GODDNNESSSSS!!! The Bailey sisters came with the FIRE! I don't know if I'm more intrigued with these bomb ass gowns or all that flawless skin but either way, ladies yall win in my book!

Reba McEntire

Warren: Reba can never do wrong, especially in this dark sequined green gown with emerald broach. The color complements her fiery red hair.

Jessica: I definitely think Reba came through with a very classic look. It's safe but it is definitely Reba!

Nicole Kidman

Warren: Always a fashion risk taker Nicole makes this pale blue dress with a bushy ribbon in the middle work. Not sure anyone else could have pulled this off but on her she looks like a movie star. I love all the diamond accessories. I like it when rich people actually look rich.

Jessica: Awww Nicole! Stunning! She's such a classy woman and this dress says it all. Her entire look just exudes perfection. Even down to the beading at the end of the train. Definitely best dressed! For sure!

Aunjanue Ellis

Warren: She looks every bit the Academy Award nominated movie star she is this is a statement dress. I've also never seen a dress this color it is radiant on her skin.

Jessica: First off, the color is a major win! She brought the sunshine!

Jill Scott

Warren: Talk about that coke bottle shape! She looks amazing, tightly squeezed into this number. The sequins, the over dramatic sleeves, the Diana Ross hair and the shape really makes for a glamorous overall look.

Jessica: Jilly!! She is one of the most beautiful women in the world to me. I don't care what she wears, she wins!

Venus Williams

Warren: This is a far cry from how we see her on the tennis court! Venus looks like a sexy superhero, even the hair it's giving me Storm from X-Men vibes, (even down to the intergalactic metal bracelets). I think she looks great I always had a crush on Storm.

Jessica: Flawless sis!! She looks like a goddess!

Megan Thee Stallion

Warren: I'm not use to seeing Megan with so many clothes on but she knows how to wear them. Sexy and Glamorous, this is a winner.

Jessica: My baby looks AMAZINGGGG!!! Meg is giving body and life in that dress!

Mila Kunis

Warren: I feel like this is a dress we've seen before but she wears it nicely. The details are immaculate and the soft pink is a nice contrast to her dark black hair.

Jessica: I love this gown! I love the softness of the pink. Very elegant and very Oscar ready.

Tiffany Haddish

Warren: I have never seen Tiffany Haddish look so good. I love the sexy silhouette, the emerald green color that matches the stunning necklace and the bejeweled accents on the dress itself. The best she has ever looked.

Jessica: While I am still adapting to the short hair, I love the dress! The sweetheart neckline is hitting just right and the accessories balance well with the print of the dress. You're looking real ready Tiff!


Warren: This is the appropriate way to add some youthfulness to the Oscars but still honor the prestige of it all. A Simple look, white shirt with sparkly silver skirt, the necklace and bangles add a little extra flavor. Overall Zendaya's confidence carries, what would normally be a basic look, to the next level. Much like Sharon Stone's vibe made her 1998 Oscars look which this based on.

Jessica: She looked cute...but I don't like the top with the skirt. It's way too casual. It tones the look way down. But it's Zendaya, so she looks great.

Rosie Perez

Warren: Breezy and elegant, Rosie looks amazing in this classic red hot dress. I haven't seen her in years but she looks great.

Jessica: Rosie looked very beautiful this evening but she reminded me a little of a mom chaperoning their kid's prom. I love the body of the dress but I would have gone a different direction with the neckline. Especially with the dramatic train.

Timothee Chalamet

Warren: I'm a little mixed on this look part of me feels like its a formal event so he needs a freaking shirt on but I also like that he took a risk, one that worked. If this was the Grammy awards hands down he rocked it but the Oscars is formal. Nonetheless, I like the jacket, I wouldn't wear the lace personally, but the sequinned look is nice.

Jessica: He's definitely giving me Johnny Deep (non-wife beating, allegedly) vibes! I am not mad at all!

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