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Cuomo shouldn't have been allowed to quit; Black men don't get to.

In recent news many of you saw that New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo resigned from his nearly 10-year long position. Over the past month several sexual harassment/assault allegations came out against the soon to be former governor. 11 victims came out and put a voice to their pain. The heat turned up on him when an internal investigation was done and many of the accusations were backed up with proof. It was true (according to New York attorney general Letitia James). Cuomo was too horny for the job and the pressure was on for him to step down from his role in leadership. I can’t lie, I was a little excited when Andrew was still denying everything and refusing to leave his post. I personally NEVER wanted to see him quit! What the hell did I just say?? Yes, I said it. I did not want him to quit. I have only one reason I did not want him to step down. Let me explain.

Before I go into my explanation, I want to first say I am terribly sorry to hear the stories of those women. As a woman myself who has dealt with the trauma that unwanted touches can bring, my heart goes out to you all. I believe you. I hope your bravery ignites flames for the justice you all deserve. With that being said, I still didn’t want to see the dude quit. In the past few months white men have replaced black men at the defendant’s table. That’s certainly been a breath of fresh air. I was looking for the same outcome this time as well. The governor was adamant he had not done the things he stood accused of. I was hoping he would deny his way right into an impeachment trial. As black lives continue to fight to matter, it feels like a tiny victory when a white man must take the heat. Maybe the pressures of stepping down should have been enoughto satisfy my petty appetite for drama but I was hoping for another televised hearing to take over the air ways. Black men have been at the root of public humiliation for generations. The execution of George Floyd was when the tides started to turn on some white men. Now they get a taste of the labeled life. Label: GUILTY. I wanted this to be the fate for Gov. Cuomo as well. I think it is deplorable the things this man has done to these women. Men with power seem to lose all self-control and manipulate those who are “beneath” them simply because they think it’s apart of their rights as a rich white man to behave this way. Andrew Cuomo, like many of his colleagues, has been degrading people for years. Some of these men grope innocent women. Some of them kill black men for counterfeit twenties but here’s what I do know, history shows black men have been lynched for lesser evils. So yes, it annoyed me that Cuomo got the option to take the easy way out. In the words of the infamous Mr. Biggs “take that shit to trial.” Seems a little unfair to me.

“…with liberty and justice for all.” Those are the final words of the Pledge of Allegiance. The promise we take to our country. Pretty powerful words if you really understand what that means. It’s the ‘for all’ part for me. So that should mean “all” make it home at night, “all” don’t face harsher sentences simply because of the shade of his skin, and “all” should mean no more free passes for the privileged harasser. So, Cuomo, you got to walk away unbothered this time but if it were up to me, you would have never had the option to quit. You would have been prepped and prepared for a public lynching of your own.

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