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Worst Dressed at the MET Gala 2022

Here is our list of the worst dressed celebrities at the 2022 Met Gala from the female perspective Jessica Murphy as well as the straight male view Warren D. Robinson. Enjoy!

LA LA Anthony

Warren: This cutout burgundy number with over sized hat is very confusing. Sleeves and spaghetti strings, glittered in parts but not all, jewels on her wrist that look so tight they look to be cutting off her circulation not to mention the weird cut outs that make it look like she has on a body suit with some curtains wrapped around her waist. Terrible.

Jessica: Lala looks cute! I like the look. It fits her perfectly. And I love the color.

Anderson Paak

Warren: He looks like he is wearing a bad Mariachi band player Halloween costume.

Jessica: HAHAHAHA!!! If ‘Geek Chic’ was a person! Boyyyyy! This jacket reminds me of my granny’s kitchen towels!

Amy Schumer

Warren: I think she forgot to put her dress on under her coat. I am also not sure she realizes this is not a funeral.

Jessica: Amy looks like she’s joining a convent. MET GALA FAIL.

Camilla Cabello

Warren: This two piece outfit is wrinkled and looks like it has fruity pebbles attached at the front . The top also looks like it is a strong wind away from a wardrobe malfunction.

Jessica: HELLLL YEA!!! Camilla my GIRL! You definitely executed the assignment! You are tripping, my friend.

Glenn Close & Sebastian Stan

Warren:I love Glen Close, one of my favorite actresses (I have no idea who the other guy is) and she looks so happy however that is no excuse. Let me give you a piece of advice monochromatic hot pink is almost always a no-no. You will inevitably end up looking like a large

bottle of pepto bismol. Case in point these two.

Jessica: Yea…No. It’s a NO for me for both. They're ugly. Is Glenn in a Mumu??

Kodi Smit-Mcphee

Warren: He looks like the plumber they called in to unclog the toilet. Leather gloves, boot cut 80's jeans and plastic boots seal the deal. Though I would recommend taking off the diamond tie pin before snaking the drain.

Jessica: At this point, Kodi needs to hire a new stylist! Maybe he’s doing this to himself! He should fire himself if so. He failed at the Oscars and has FALLEN again!

Billie Eilish

Warren: Does she ever smile? Seriously, not that it would make this horrible dress look any better but it would be nice.

Jessica: Disney princess meets the Adam’s Family’s adopted daughter Billie! LOL!

Teyana Taylor

Warren: She looks like she is wearing a tie-dye bed comforter. This dress definitely swallows her small frame.

Jessica: You are out of your mind on this one! The CHAMP is here! TT!! You a bad one baby! Teyanna came to school you heauxs on how to show up for the damn MET GALA! BEST DRESSED!


Warren: Perhaps she forgot that this was the MET Gala and not the Kentucky derby. This dress is so tight it looks as if she can barely breathe, those vinyl looking gloves do not help.

Jessica: Ummm…I wanna love it because it’s SZA but the hat makes me think of Yosemite Sam and the dress looks like a purple wood finish! So I’ll have to pass this time sis.

Chloe Bailey

Warren: I am not sure what is worse about this look; the gaudy winged necklace or the odd formations spewing from her dress. Not sure it matters, together this looks like something from outer space not something that should be on the red carpet.

Jessica: I love it and hate it Chloe! If that lump on the left hip was just a tad bit smaller I could be totally on board.

Cardi B

Warren: This is a gown made entirely out of gold chains by Versace. I applaud the uniqueness but she looks uncomfortable, the neck chains are too much and either you're going to have sleeves or not this hybrid thing is not working for me.

Jessica: CARDI! She takes over the Met Gala carpet every time! This gold on her is SHINING! I love this entire look!

Kylie Jenner

Warren: This is bittersweet as this was a design from the late Virgil Abloh who tragically left us too soon. If Kylie had worn this (sans cap) as her wedding it would have been a showstopper but on the red carpet it's a fail.

Jessica: I agree Less Vogue, more Vanity Fair wedding edition.

Emily Ratajkowski

Warren: I suppose this is Bohemian chic minus the chic. It looks more like a costume than an actual red carpet dress or look. There is just too much going on, beads, mesh, fringe, scarves?

Jessica: Is this a flag for a skirt? This is super busy! Too busy! Issa a NO for me.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Warren: Both of them look terrible. She looks like she is wearing a strait jacket and he is trying to have it both ways-either you want to wear the kilt or the pants but not both.

Jessica: What is on her ass?? The Kardashians let me DOWN this year! This is ugly as hell.

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade

Warren: This is a crime, Gabrielle has on a perfectly beautiful silver gown that she ruins with this large red bow and tacky mothball inspired cape.

As for Dwyane, I hope this no shirt thing does not become a trend.

Jessica: I agree 100%. I like it but definitely NOT the red flower.

Jessica Chastain

Warren: This is admittedly a mixed look but I love it! It's sparkly, bejeweled, unique and stood out on the carpet. (Burgundy was a good choice instead of red considering her red hair). The hat, over-sized sleeves and ruching are theme appropriate touches that just highlight the glamour of this gilded age look.

Jessica: I Love Genie 2.0! That’s the vibe I get. And I don’t like it one bit.

Jodie Turner-Smith

Warren: I'll admit at first glance this was giving me Vegas showgirl vibes but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. It's unique, nobody else was wearing a sequined body suit, the pleating of the train and its length adds a high fashion element that elevates it above typical showgirl wear.

Jessica: Jodie is a beautiful lady but I do not like this dress. The nude color fabric makes it look like she has saggy titties!

Cole Sprouse

Warren: I like this look, this is a man who took a risk and it worked out well. I like the rhinestone studded pants, matching shoes. I could do without all the stripes on the shirt but overall this is Sharpe.

Jessica: Nope. He looks like a retired member of N'SYNC from the Bye ByeBye video. Which is what I'm saying to this outfit, bye, bye, bye.

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