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Worst Dressed Celebs at the 2022 OSCARS!

Here is our list of the worst dressed celebrities at the 2022 Oscars from the female perspective Jessica Murphy as well as the straight male view Warren D. Robinson. Enjoy!

Tracee Ellis Ross

Warren: I think she was trying for a sexy red dress like Rosie Perez on her best dressed list but this just misses the mark. It looks ill fitted and is not flattering in certain places. I also don't like the length it's more tea party than black tie.

Jessica: One of my absolute favorite humans, Tracee Ellis Ross. While Tracee is usually my fashion guru, it was a bit of a flop for me tonight. The dress has so much potential to be GREAT but I was really fearing a nip-slip at any moment!

Niecey Nash

Warren: This looks like a rose bush covered in Pepto Bismol. It is the definition of doing to much.

Jessica: I disagree, Sis came through today!! Niecey definitely is one of my favorite looks for the evening. She came through with the classy and super sexy energy!

Sebastian Yatra

Warren: I have never heard or seen this guy before and after he had the nerve to show up in this pink and black monstrosity I never need to see him again. This looks like a tacky Vegas wedding minister.

Jessica: I think he forgot what event he was going to. He would be the worst dress at a high school prom. Definitely getting my worst dressed vote for the Oscars.

Wesley Snipes

Warren: Wesley looks like a maroon leprechaun. There are so many things wrong with this look. Too much of one color, shorts at a formal event and are those tights or stockings? I really don't know. Either way it's terrible.

Jessica: Awww man...I don't like being the black woman tearing the black man down but Wesley looks like he's a new character off Mortal Kombat. Epic fail!

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Warren: I thought all powder blue suits were left in the 1970s? Seriously? If not, they should have been and this is why. Not feeling the platform space boots either, they look they are giving him a couple inches of more height, maybe that's the point.

Jessica: Yet another bad prom tux. And the color choice was all wrong.

Lupita N'yong'o

Warren: Too gold, too much fringe, too much fabric just too much. This looks tacky and almost like a costume instead of a red carpet dress. It also looks cheap and like it itches.

Jessica: Lupita worst dressed you are tripping!!! She is such a light! She is a stunning woman and she never disappoints when it's time to hit that red carpet. The gold bounces off her beautiful brown skin like magic! She is definitely one of the BEST dressed of the night.

David Oyelowo

Warren: This is so bad I have no words. I don't know what is worse the mustard yellow, horrible print, non-matching shoes (two different prints is a no-no). It's all just very bad.

Jessica: I see David out there representing for the culture! I really love the authenticity of David's look tonight.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Warren: This is just too much dress for her small body. It is like she is being ate alive by Seymour, the living plant, from Little Shop of Horrors.

Jessica: That is a whole lotta dress! Like it's so big! But Jada is glowing and that is all that matters!

Ava Duverney

Warren: I imagine this is her way of paying tribute to Disney's Cruella Deville.

Jessica: I love this dress on Ava! The details of the beading across the shoulders really give the dress life. I love the cuffed wrists too! Nice work Ms. Ava!

Warren: I hate all the details you like!

Serena Williams

Warren: This looks more like a negligee or robe you would wear to bed than a formal dress. The fact you can see her black panties underneath the dress seems to confirm this was made for the boudoir. The black lace gloves also do her no favors and just makes the whole look campy.

Jessica: Ridiculous. The Williams sisters came to slay all day! Serena I'm here for the sheer and high split of the leg!

Kristen Stewart

Warren: Kristen is cute, young and edgy. I appreciate all of that however this is a formal event. The dress code is black tie and this look does not honor or respect the magnitude of the event.

Jessica: What does she have on? Where does she think she is? Maybe she's still healing from the last breakup...

Daniel Kuluuya

Warren: I applaud a male for taking a risk but this was not it. The color is just not very flattering with the black. The jacket also isn't fitted well.

Jessica: Another prom tux! *insert eye roll*

Billie Eilish

Warren: This looks like she made a dress from the curtains that hang at every funeral home I've ever visited. I want even talk about how much fabric is wasted here or how frumpy it looks.

Jessica: Well...I will say this dress is very befitting of Billie's personality! Dark and scary.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica: Some things are just bad decisions. This dress was one of them. Moving on...

Warren: I like this dress, it's different and colorful, I think it looks good on her skin. The bottom is a little Vegas but I like it.


Warren: Classic too cool for school look here. This looks like she wrapped herself in a California king sized bed sheet and folded it. I like the necklace and the shoes.

Jessica: I want to go on record saying this is one of my favorite artist but this is NOT my favorite look. I'm not sure who approved of this design but this is not the look for HER! And ditch the glasses!

Caitriona Balfe

Warren: This is reminiscent of that horrible but legendary dress Geena Davis wore to the 1992 Oscars, Caitriona just added a skirt underneath. It didn't help, this look is still horrible. The necklace is fierce.

Jessica: All I have to say on this one is, white on pale white isn't the look ma'am.

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